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Future Spirits Co.,Ltd.

Helping clients realize their business dreams.

At FutureSpirits, we have pioneered a new sector, helping clients make their businesses come alive on the Web.

Through developing Web Hosting Services as our core business, we feature one-stop services through collaboration with our various business entities and group companies.

We also assist businesses in creating a customer support infrastructure and obtaining the PrivacyMark (a certificate of compliance to the Japanese Industrial Standard JISQ15001 regarding personal information), enabling them to roll out safe and enjoyable Web products.

Our business areas and group companies

We strive to provide the best solution and IT infrastructure for your business.Over the past 20 years,we have continued to receive support from customers across different industries.We are committed to respond to all your needs professionally and efficiently,from the initial setup to trobleshooting.
Web hosting, server configuration/operation /maintenance, domain name registration etc.

By incorporating Future Spirits's ASP/SaaS, you will be able to develop your web business speedily.
SSL/smartphone compatible cloud-based form-creation services, membership site building/e-mail delivery services

Apart from our own resources, we work closely with our group companies as well as with our partners of various expertise in our continuous effort and dedication in supporting our customers' business needs.
- Website planning, building, development and operation support - Digital marketing, advertising-related support
- Web application development
- Smartphone application planning, development, IoT integration support
- Corporate nursing/care information dissemination system support ("Kaigow")
- Space design/production
※Supported by our subsidiary, Future Hit Co., Ltd.

We have established joint ventures with local companies in China, Malaysia and Thailand to meet the needs of customers who are entering these markets.
In order to provide a one-stop service to our customers who are venturing overseas, we have set up a multi-lingual support team in Kyoto as well as in our local branches worldwide.
From email hosting and corporate website development up to sophisticated incorporation of business operation systems, we provide services catered specifically to our customers' needs.

FutureSpirits’ services

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